644-650 Landfair Ave. 
Affordable, Luxury Living in Westwood
Contact Us

For tours of the complex and/or to be considered for 2019-2020 leases, please email the Manager, Derek, at: Tenants@644-650Landfair.com

To be placed on the waitlist for 2019-2020 leases, please email us your Name, Phone Number, Email Dress and what type of apartment you're looking for.  You can use the below format:  The waitlist opens as of
December 1, 2018If emailing after February 15, please just email us to schedule an appointment.  There is no more waitlist.)


Please place me on the waitlist for 2018-2019 leases at 644-650 Landfair.


John Doe



One Bedroom


We begin tours and applications mid-February.

AFTER FEB. 15, please just email us that you would like to take a tour, the approximate date you would like your lease to start, and the times that work best for a tour for you.  We generally like to do tours weekday afternoons only. 


If you have any other questions or to schedule an appointment to tour the complex, please EMAIL to tenants@644-650landfair.com for the fastest response.

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